Provider Network

CIV Team seeks to ensure that all qualified personnel make it through the evaluation process successfully.

Our national network of providers is able to provide fitness for duty testing for Government agencies. Our medical examination providers are all qualified, and have appropriate facilities and equipment.

CIV Team providers can perform multiple services throughout the United States and its Territories.  CIV Team has established, at the Government’s direction, examination centers in all 50 states, Guam, American Samoa, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Our network is constantly expanding its reach and capabilities to support new requirements.

 Quality Control

CIV Team not only facilitates examination performance, we also ensure data accuracy.

Our expert contract support teams will inspect the quality and accuracy of clinical evaluations according to agency-defined standards.

CIV Team provides double review of examination reports, medical provider training and retraining, and tips and reminders.  This multi-faceted approach to quality assurance ensures this information is complete and accurate.

Our proprietary software helps compensate for and prevent human error.

 Program Management

CIV Team’s leadership has over 20 years’ experience in Federal contract management.

CIV Team’s experienced leadership will create, implement, and manage workflows based on contract specifications.

CIV Team generates client-specific reporting and provides custom software development.